Joh ja Teemu molemmat auttavat AWE (Augmented World Expo) tapahtumien järjestämisessä Suomessa. Tapahtuma on AWE Nite Helsinki. 
Tämän tapahtumasarjan lisäksi XR Nation järjestää omille jäsenilleen useita kertoja vuodessa tapahtumia. XR Nation myös järjestää erilaisia Hackaton tyyppisiä tapahtumia pyynnöstä. 
Mikäli sinulla on ajatus tai tarve liittyen lisättyyn todellisuuteen ja tapahtumiin, olehan yhtedessä - voi olla että voimme auttaa.

Mar 25, 2021

AWE Nite Northern XR - Spotlight on Sweden

The first event of the year under the new name AWE Nite Northern XR. Each meet up will focus on a different hub from throughout the Nordic, Baltic, and Northern European regions. This month come see what's new in the Swedish XR scene!

Dec 9, 2020

AWE Nite Helsinki - Fashionable XR

This AWE Nite Helsinki meetup focuses on how XR technology can be applied to fashion in its various forms.

Oct 27, 2020

Dimensions XR 2020

The first ever International Congress of eXtended Reality in Science, October 28th-30th. Nearly 60 of the top thinkers & researchers (including several pioneers) in XR are brought together to share their knowledge at length on a range of topics. A milestone for the industry.

Sep 29, 2020

Telia One: Bringing product packaging to life with AR

Telia One hosts a webinar with Janne Timonen, Telia's resident AR expert, and Teemu Ollilainen, the cofounder of XR Nation, the AR content producers' ecosystem, to discuss bringing product packaging to life while providing concrete examples. (webinar in Finnish)

Sep 24, 2020

AWE Nite Helsinki - Northern Lights 2

AWE Nite Helsinki's third meetup and the second in the "Northern Lights" series.

Jun 9, 2020

AWE Nite Helsinki - Northern Lights

AWE Nite Helsinki had its second meetup and its first one online on June 10th, 2020.

Since we were not restricted to a specific location, we decided that this would be the perfect time to kick off a series called "Northern Lights" that showcases extraordinary people and companies in the region doing extraordinary things in XR.

Mar 10, 2020

Virtual Reality Nordic

Virtual Reality Nordic 2020 is a one-day event dedicated to building the Nordic VR ecosystem by bringing innovators, futurists, and VR collaborators together. XR Nation had a stand at the Experience and Exhibition area.

Mar 4, 2020

AWE Nite Helsinki - XR Games Night

The first ever AWE Nite Helsinki was about Gaming and you can see the 360 livestream on the link. We had about 80 people attending at Arcade 5 in Maria01.

Feb 10, 2020

The Future of VR Gaming

Learn how REXR turns any regular PC Game into VR, in real time, with depth, with no performance compromises - this is a whole new paradigm of Visual Immersion.

Feb 5, 2020

Gaming Night with REXR

XR Nation is joining hands with The Shortcut to help promote the XR gaming community within the startup ecosystem. Starring REXR.

Nov 19, 2019


RecoTech is the coolest PropTech event in the Nordics. XR Nation had a stand with 10 companies present.

Oct 17, 2019


The world's leading spatial computing (AR/VR/MR) event series. AWE's fourth foray into Europe (Munich, Germany). Where AWE Nite Helsinki was born.


Autamme yhdessä järjestämään Pohjoismaiden ensimmäisen AWE-tapahtuman nimeltä AWE Nite Helsinki.

Se on neljännesvuosittainen tapahtuma, jonka  pääpaino on auttaa XR -teollisuutta kasvamaan  pitää ihmiset ajan tasalla toimialasta ja tarjota  kansainvälinen foorumi paikallisille yrityksille uusien tuotteiden ilmoittamiseen ja  palvelut ja verkostoituminen.